More Herbal Teas

Raspberry leaf is an herb that can help treat pregnancy’s dreaded morning sickness, and uterine irritability. To make a tea, use about one or two teaspoons per cup. You can steep that for about ten minutes, and you can drink a cup up to three times a day.

Peppermint and spearmint help to relieve indigestion. To use the mints in tea, add two teaspoons of dried mint or one teaspoon of fresh mint for each cup. Let it steep for about ten minutes. You can even reheat the tea if you don’t drink the whole cup at one time. You can drink up to three cups a day. Mint can also be used as one of the more effective natural and herbal remedies in a bath – place several handfuls of dried or fresh mint leaves in a cloth bag, and then run it under the faucet into your tub.


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